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Why more than 7,000 marketers have attended our events, and 86% rated our work as "good" or "excellent"? Because we were interested in what we are doing. We like to look smart and professional people to invite them to speak. We're curious, along with expert advice to observe current trends, new notice and put them up for public discussion. We know that personal communication is no less important than the actual information, so constantly come up with new forms of communication for our members, making it easier and more interesting. We are not all the same, so every time we carefully analyze the feedback and try to take into account all the criticisms.
How can we help you?
If you also do not care if you are interested to learn and borrow from the world of everything new for your personal and professional growth, our events will give you a rare chance to realize their objectives in a few days. Communication with the leaders of the professional community of the largest and leading companies, the opportunity to learn about their experiences, "word of mouth", to learn the most recent successful cases, enhance their professional skills in training, establish new business contacts - all this creates a tremendous opportunity for rapid progress like for you personally and for your company.
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