Thrilled to regret not learned about Trout before, 10 years ago. The knowledge gathered bit by bit over several years from different sources and books were HERE. It turns out everything has already been invented and is clearly structured long time.
Spiridonova Victoria
Jack Trout turned my perception of marketing in its entirety... Sometimes not people choose the profession, the profession chooses people! But very often people inhibits fear! Read books, listen to speeches, and only forward!
Denis Kamolov
A great many interesting and practical information. All described in the example of big brands, but can be applied and to small firms, and much can you take for yourself.
Olga Simonova
Amazing performance! Immediately lays out everything on the shelves! And everything can be immediately applied in practice!
Andrew Mitrofanov
Jack Trout completely changes the view on business development. It turns out, what we see is not quite real, and often, generally overrated and artificially complicated. Highly recommend!
Marina Kadetova
Jack Trout is a professional who gave me the answers to many questions that "hung" in my head. Very interesting, suggests new ideas, thoughts, untying the knots in the head ))) In general, what you need to understand the process of business management.
Arkadiy Kiriyanov
Jack, THANK YOU for Your work!!! Indeed, the positioning system and is suitable for any situation, no matter who is the subject of "marketing wars".
Natalya Abramova
Cooperation with Trout & Partners in 2006 was very interesting and useful for ROLF. T&P made a perfect situational analysis, and more importantly, turned it results in a simple and clear recommendations for the company's strategy. The experts at the T&P worked closely with our top management helped the revision and strengthening of the role of marketing in ROLF.
Vasily Mostickyy, group marketing Director, ROLF
One day our company was faced with the need to reposition. After several unsuccessful attempts we turned to Trout & Partners, who took us to the path that ended very successful and comprehensive re-positioning of our company.
Per Setterberg, President and Director, Global Blue
Making a major acquisition, we, together with Trout & Partners, have developed a marketing strategy for brands Altia. Without a doubt, the new competitive strategy and the direction of development of key brands will strengthen our leadership in the Baltic region.
Kari Lampinen, senior Vice President, Altia Plc
In 2000-2005 we Trout & Partners developed and implemented differentiating ideas of our retail chain brands. Over the years, Trout & Partners significant value to our business, in particular by strengthening the understanding of our brands and their importance, as well as how to calculate the derivative idea reflected in all parts of our business. In General, we have worked easily and successfully.
Seppo Hyamyalyaynen, senior Vice President, Suomen Lahikauppa
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